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Torrance, CA Mediation Services

Pettler & Miller provides mediation services in both the probate and family areas.

Mediation allows creative ways of dealing with the parties’ particular circumstances. Courts often have neither the time nor inclination to deal with the special circumstances unique to each case. Mediation allows an outcome which is known in advance and which can often provide solutions which a Court cannot.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that empowers parties to a dispute to negotiate their own agreement with the guidance of a neutral mediator. Pettler & Miller has designed services to help both parties communicate and make rational, rather than emotional, decisions on the wide range of issues that arise in the probate, trust and family law areas.

Successful mediation can result in an agreement that may avoid litigation or which can be presented to a Court if a matter is pending and turned into an order or judgment. As mediators, we will draft all of the necessary documentation.

Disagreements about marital relationships, management of estates or caring for family members can often be resolved by mediation.  This can preserve family relationships and save expenses.

Mediation is the financially and emotionally smart way to proceed.

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